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Your Kitchen or Bath Design Process

As the designer and the sole proprietor of By Design, I handle all aspects of the design process from initial discussions, designing, and drafting to placing orders and supervising installation. This ensures that there is no oversight and no miscommunications. I am, of course, happy to work with your architect, builder or interior designer on the renovation or remodeling of your home. 


The process begins with an initial meeting where we discuss your requirements and I get an understanding of your preferred design style. Once site measurements are taken, I head to the computer and come up with a couple of alternative design options for your space, based on your needs and wants along with an estimate. I use CAD to create the drawings which allow for optimum accuracy. We may then have several meetings which help me fine-tune the design to your total satisfaction. This process of designing prior to placing the order is of utmost importance to ensure all your storage requirements, your family's needs, and your design considerations have been incorporated.


STEP 2: 

Once the Kitchen design or the Bath design has been approved, I then write out the specifications of each cabinet needed based on the approved plan and elevations, along with the finish details, and this is then sent to the manufacturer for review. In case of a discrepancy they get back to me and we resolve any issues that may have been overlooked. This ensures that once the product arrives at your home, it is ready for installation without any issues. It usually takes about 8 weeks from the time an order is placed to the delivery, and this is so because each cabinet is custom made to order exclusively for your space.


STEP 3: 

Once the cabinets arrive at your home, my installers will get to work on installation. This is the most exciting part of the process as you will start to see the design take shape. The installation can take from 2 days to a week depending on the size of the space. Even though I am usually not involved with the ordering of appliances, countertops, etc., I am happy to work with your contractor and dealers to ensure a seamless installation process in order to make your renovation as smooth as possible.

I also design other spaces such as a kitchen pantry, laundry room, garage where you may need cabinetry for your home organization needs as well as custom bar, butlers pantry, home office and home library.

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