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Designing with Ruchi 

Ruchi Bhardwaj

By Design Kitchen and Bath

Short Hills, NJ



As a former architect, I recognize that form follows function and that the function of the space being designed is of utmost importance. The kitchen today is no longer a place where meals are prepared but rather has become a space that brings the family together. It’s a space where you could contemplate the day ahead over a morning coffee or where the children do their homework as you fix a meal. It’s a space where your guests want to be when you entertain. Your lifestyle defines this space and that needs to be incorporated into the Kitchen design. 


The Bath Design too is influenced by the redefined purpose of the space. Today, It is more than a toilet and a shower space. It could be an in-home spa for some or a place to get away and relax. While the basic function of these spaces remains the same as always, our individual lifestyles define and dictate the style and design of these spaces today. I feel that is the essence of design that I work towards for my clients and that service you can not receive when remodeling using a budget cabinet design company.

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